6 UNDERGROUND (2019): The Things I Liked…

6 Underground (2019), Ryan Reynolds, Netflix
6 Underground (2019), Ryan Reynolds, Netflix

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Corey Hawkins and Mélanie Laurent, 6 Underground, the latest action / thriller from Michael Bay only kind of found its way after the first hour.

I say ‘found its way’ when what I really mean is, things became most fun to watch past the hour mark. Before then, I was simply left desperate for the character background detail of the six off-the-grid agents focused on eliminating notorious criminals. I was also eagerly waiting to be gripped by everything that was happening.

Eventually, some of the character backstory did come but it certainly wasn’t soon enough or executed in the most satisfying way. The good news is that I did finally stop wanting for things and just got engrossed in all the fun past the hour point; thanks to all the action sequences in Hong Kong, plus everything else that happens after.

Other notable highlights include the opening visuals at the very beginning . I’m quite the sucker for good opening visuals. I also really enjoyed the few seconds later on when Reynolds’s character speaks in a British accent. 

Overall, even with one, two or more fairly obvious continuation errors, luckily for me, I don’t find Bay’s movie to be a total waste of time but it definitely did need at least one more story draft.

Should you decide to watch it, maybe hold out for the scenes in Hong Kong, which start at around one hour into the movie.

Happy film loving 


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