Tom & Jerry (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

TOM AND JERRY (2021): New Trailer Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Rob Delaney…

Tom & Jerry (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

Read my spoiler-free movie review of  Tom and Jerry (2021).

Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña and Rob Delaney are the stars of Tom and Jerry; a movie adaptation of the classic series of animated films about the rivalry between a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry. 

Directed by Tim Story; this new movie will show us how Tom and Jerry first met and how their famous rivalry began.

A chance to relive the carefree moments of childhood again? Of course I’m in! Plus, this trailer looks like so much fun. I’m ready.

Colin Jost, Ken Jeong, Pallavi Sharda, Jordan Bolger, Daniel Adegboyega, Ajay Chhabra, Janis Ahern, Leandra Ryan, Jeremy Ang Jones, Camilla Arfwedson, Eleanor Fanyinka and Christina Chong also star.

Tom & Jerry Release Dates: Feb 26th, 2021 (US)…

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11 thoughts on “TOM AND JERRY (2021): New Trailer Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Rob Delaney…”

  1. I have always loved this cartoon; there has always been a great use of music and yes .. how nice to relive childhood memories. have a good time 🙂

    1. So very true! 😁 I’ve actually discovered recently that a fair amount of my favourite childhood stories/cartoons feature very smart characters and entertaining rivalries. To begin with, there’s Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny, The Fantastic Mr. Fox and some other Looney Tunes characters. This should be really fun.

    1. It sure is a special cartoon for many people. I like how they’ve kept the animation roughly the same. That way those who grew up with it don’t find it jarringly different.

      I just wish it was due for release in time for Christmas. 🤓🎄

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