SEASPIRACY (2021): New Trailer For Netflix Documentary About Human Damage To Marine Species…

Seaspiracy (2021), Netflix
Seaspiracy (2021), Netflix

New documentary Seaspiracy follows a filmmaker as he documents the harm that humans do to marine species, leading to the uncovering of alarming global corruption.

Featured interviewees and experts include Paul Watson, Paul de Gelder, Richard O’Barry and Sylvia Earle.

We are at war with the oceans. And if we win this war, we’re going to lose it all, because mankind is not able to live on this planet with a dead sea’.

I’m in for the scientific facts, to find out how much I don’t know and for the expected hopeful messages at the end; the ones that tell us it’s not yet too late. But, with the continued lack of meaningful action, it could be.

Dianna Cohen, Michael Greger, Ali Tabrizi, Peter Hammarstedt, Michael Klaper, Richard Oppenlander and Callum Roberts also make an appearance.

Seaspiracy Release Dates: March 24th, 2021 (US), Netflix…

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