Renfield (2023), Nicholas Hoult, Universal Pictures

RENFIELD (2023): New Trailer From Nicolas Cage, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Schwartz, Awkwafina…

Starring Nicholas Hoult, Nicolas Cage, Ben Schwartz and Awkwafina; the trailer for director Chris McKay’s comedy/fantasy/horror Renfield is here.

The very promising story follows Renfield, the tortured aide to Dracula, history’s most narcissistic boss. 

After centuries of servitude, Renfield is now ready to see if there is life outside the shadow of The Prince of Darkness.

I like this angle on the Dracula story, especially considering that it’s a comedy. 

As for Hoult’s involvement, first he was ‘R’ in Warm Bodies (2013) and now he is Renfield. I just realised that, for me, there’s something about Hoult in ghostly face makeup that makes his characters that much more intriguing. I’m sure it’s more about his prowess at portraying vulnerability, or his facial features rather than the white face paint that draw me in. Either way, I’m excited and ready for the fun dialogue plus action that Renfield is promising to serve up. 

It will certainly be interesting to see the clever solution that Renfield settles on to end this unpleasant phase of his working life. Let’s wish the poor chap a lot of luck.

Shohreh Aghdashloo, Ben Schwartz, Brandon Scott Jones, Jenna Kanell, Caroline Williams, Adrian Martinez, Joshua Mikel, Choppy Guillotte, Dave Davis, Gissette Valentin, Taylor Shurte and Bess Rous also star.

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8 thoughts on “RENFIELD (2023): New Trailer From Nicolas Cage, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Schwartz, Awkwafina…”

  1. I look forward to this one. First time I saw Hoult was in Mad Max: Fury Road and I loved him in that. I really liked him in Warm Bodies also. The other night I saw him in The Menu and thought he was good in it even as a scumbag.

    1. He did indeed play a complete scumbag in The Menu. It must have been fun for him. 🤓 In fact I feel as though all of the characters in The Menu would have been a delight to play. My first Hoult film was back in 2002 in About a boy (Hoult) with Hugh Grant. Perhaps I’ll re-watch it one of these days.

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