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APOCALYPTO (2006): Epic In A Number Of Ways, Especially That Chase Sequence

Apocalypto (2007), Rudy Youngblood
Apocalypto (2007), Rudy Youngblood

Mel Gibson’s Mayan Epic Apocalypto (2006) is tense, gruesome, violent, emotional and contains a big, black, beastly creature I adore. Best of all though, Apocalypto features a wonderfully thrilling hour long chase scene.

I love well-crafted dialogue but few things in film are more engaging than a beautifully choreographed chase sequence. The one in this movie is, I think, one of the very best.

This film is not always the easiest to watch thanks to some challenging scenes. But it is a very entertaining, drama, action and thriller hybrid. At no point did I deliberately avert my eyes from the screen whenever a tough scene was happening. However, my hands did fly up to my mouth and face a few times without warning.

Some people’s dormant misanthropic tendencies may be tested by this great story. But by the end you’ll want to appreciate the smart, quick thinking and undoubtedly strong people in your lives. That’s certainly where my mind was at in the end.

Apocalypto is for fans of great storytelling, big cats (a puma in this instance – the aforementioned big, black, beastly creature I adore) and the perfect chase sequence. Watch it because it’s great!

Happy Film Loving 🙂


TAKEN (2008): The Less You Know Before Watching, The Better

Taken (2008), Liam Neeson
Taken (2008), Liam Neeson

Stars: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen.

For quite some time now, my youngest brother, (knowing how much I love movies), had recommended several times that I should watch Pierre Morel and Luc Besson’s Taken.

Unfortunately for a while, I kept disappointing him each time he checked to see whether I’d finally seen it. I couldn’t give him a definite viewing date, but I knew for sure that he should tell me absolutely nothing about the movie, except the name of it’s star, Liam Neeson. My reason for the peculiar request is simply that I wanted to be surprised… and surprised I most certainly was – in the best way.

Taken is a great movie, the kind that will have you so very engrossed as the story unfolds – and at a pace that leaves nothing more to be desired. I honestly could not recommend this movie more. If you’ve already seen it, then you know precisely what I’m talking about. But in the event that  you’re yet to experience the movie, I suggest choosing to know as little as possible prior to pressing the play button. Trust me when I say that doing this will only enhance your experience of the film.

I’m most intrigued to find out if there are any people out there who didn’t enjoy the Taken. I’m curious to know why. Until then…

Happy Film Loving! 🙂