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BAD MOMS (2016) Movie Review: The Thing I Liked…

Bad Moms (2016), Kristen Bell, Milla Kunis, Katherine Hahn

Starring Mila Kunis, Katheryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell, Bad Moms is written and directed by the team that wrote The Hangover (2009) – Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.

This is  a truth that really should give us hope and confidence in the finished product. Sadly however, I found Bad Moms, to be quite the disappointment.

Bad Moms is unfunny because much of the story and plenty of the jokes were lazy cliches. Elements of the narrative and  character development were simply unconvincing. So much so that I found myself wondering just how committed all the people involved in the movie really were to making it the best version it could have been. For example, were there budget and timing restrictions that meant it wasn’t possible to shoot or edit a more believable version of the emotional journeys and transformations of any of the characters? My frustration peaked at seeing the shift in Kristen Bell’s Kiki character. ‘REALLY? is all I could think and say out loud.

I’m not a mother so that may be the reason I laughed exactly zero times. Actually, I laughed one or two times. The most memorable one being thanks to a one liner delivered by Martha Stewart. But that really is it.

I’d absolutely love to see another Mila Kunis movie where she delivers a notable performance. That, for me hasn’t really happened since Black Swan (2010). I probably need to face facts and let it go, particularly because it’s widely understood that comedy movies are arguably always more fun to shoot than dramas or thrillers – and it looks as though Kunis’s preference is clear. Plus, I do definitely want her to be happy.

Watch it? Er… sure, if only so you can let me know whether I’m completely mad or as sane as can be.

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