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BEAST (2022): The Things I Liked…

I had to watch Beast, director Baltasar Kormákur’s story about a family of three trying to survive several attacks by a rogue lion in South Africa for three reasons. The first is Idris Elba. Second, knowing that Sharlto Copley always brings a very engaging quality to every role. And three, I adore big cats. So, unsurprisingly, even though the acting and story are not terrible, the well-executed special effects, a.k.a the ‘lion stunt work’ remains my favourite thing about Beast

Kormákur’s film is a redemption/ vengeance story that gets better as it plays. And there are some clever and memorable moments, including that final showdown. As such, if the idea of watching a movie where the ‘bad guy’ is the stunning and majestic lion isn’t too much, give Beast a chance the next you’re looking for something that isn’t necessarily perfect but does offer thrills and a fun distraction.

Happy Film Loving