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GAIA (2021): New Trailer Starring Monique Rockman, Carel Nel, Alex van Dyk, Anthony Oseyemi…

Gaia (2021), Monique Rockman, kykNET Films
Gaia (2021), Monique Rockman, kykNET Films

Monique Rockman, Carel Nel, Alex van Dyk and Anthony Oseyemi are the stars of new drama/fantasy horror, Gaia.

Directed by Jaco Bouwer; Gaia follows Gabi (Rockman), a park ranger on a surveillance mission in a primordial forest. A mission that leads to an encounter with two survivalists living a post-apocalyptic lifestyle. One that involves a very mysterious relationship to nature. Following a series of unexplained happenings, the imminence of a greater threat soon becomes abundantly clear.

The super creepy visuals are why I’m most intrigued. I want to believe that I’ll be able to watch this. However, I am in fact known for being quite the wuss when it comes to scary movies. Right now, what I am is equally horrified and very curious, especially where those mushroom/fungus special effects are concerned. Aren’t you?

Gaia Release Dates: March 16th, 2021 (US)…

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