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SNEAKY PETE (2015): Giovanni Ribisi In Dramatic Ex-Felon Role

Sneaky Pete (2015), Margo Martindale, Giovanni Ribisi
Sneaky Pete (2015), Margo Martindale, Giovanni Ribisi

You may be surprised to learn that in Amazon Video’s latest TV movie trailer for Sneaky Pete, Giovanni Ribisi is playing an ex-felon.

Directed by David Shore additional key cast includes Marin Ireland, Margo Martindale, Shane McRae and Bryan Cranston.

My favourite of the characters Ribisi has played in the past all happen to be in comedies. There’s his portrayal of Frank Buffay Jr. – Phoebe’s younger brother in hit TV sitcom Friends.

More recently you can watch Ribisi as the creepy moustachioed dad character in Seth MacFarlane’s Ted (2012) and as the somewhat dim-witted Edward in A Million Ways To Die In The West (2014), also from MacFarlane.

Available 7th August on Amazon

Happy Sneaky Pete 🙂