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FALL (2022): The Things I Liked…

Fall (2022), Grace Caroline Currey, Signature Entertainment
Fall (2022), Grace Caroline Currey, Signature Entertainment

The idea of being up high on a structure where falling is incredibly likely was never going to be my idea of fun. Unless, of course, I am watching actors pretend to do it for my entertainment. 

Directed by Scott Mann, Fall is an adequately engaging thriller that follows two best friends who climb a 2,000-foot radio tower just for kicks. 

Starring Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner, Mann’s film is the type of thriller that made me super uneasy. Yet, it still kept me curious enough to stay watching.

Fall also stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mason Gooding, happens to be generally well-paced and features good chemistry between Currey and Gardner. I enjoyed the smartly executed terrifying moments. Especially as the two friends continue to climb higher and the audience sees just how physically vulnerable they truly are.

If heights are not your worst nightmare, why not try Fall for that relatively easy-to-watch thriller? The kind that will have you wondering whether you would survive if you found yourself 2000 feet in the air, without barriers to keep you safe.

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