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SUZI Q (2019): The Thing I Liked…

Suzi Q (2019), Suzi Quatro, Madman Films
Suzi Q (2019), Suzi Quatro, Madman Films

Suzi Q, a documentary about Suzi Quatro; an American rock singer-songwriter who helped redefine the role of women in rock ‘n’ roll in the early 70s is a film I was drawn to because I like stories about pioneers and strong courageous people.

From director Liam Firmager; we get to hear from Quatro herself; while also learning about her from family, friends and peers – including Joan Jett, Henry Winkler, Alice Cooper, Debbie Harry and KT Tunstall.

I hadn’t heard of Quatro until this documentary. Now that I’m more familiar, rather than being a fan of Quatro’s music, I’m more a fan of what she represents. The fact that she’s the first female bass player to become a major rockstar is a notable achievement. Especially around fifty years ago during an even more sexist period in the music industry.

I’m certainly glad to have learned about Quatro, even though there are periods during Suzi Q when I found myself not as engaged as I wanted to be.

Overall, I can’t say that Suzi Q is close to the best music documentary I’ve seen. Nevertheless, If you’re curious about Quatro’s journey, and especially if you’re a fan of her music, then give Suzi Q a chance.

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