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YELLOW IS FORBIDDEN (2018): New Trailer For Couture Designer Guo Pei Documentary…

Yellow Is Forbidden (2018), Rihanna
Yellow Is Forbidden (2018), Rihanna

Directed by Pietra Brettkell, Yellow Is Forbidden is a new documentary about Guo Pei, a brave fashion designer chasing her dream of being crowned haute couture. The massive challenge for her is that she comes from China, the knock-off capital of the world…

I love stories about people chasing their dreams – however massive the challenge. I myself haven’t the patience, let alone the talent to be a fashion designer. As such, the people who do it well are always interesting to me.

I’m looking forward to this because I remember staring at Rihanna’s 2015 Met Gala outfit in great appreciation of the artistry and spectacle.

Yellow Is Forbidden Release Dates

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