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HOTEL ARTEMIS (2018): New Trailer from Jodie Foster, Sofia Boutella, Sterling K. Brown, Dave Bautista, Jeff Goldblum…

Hotel Artemis (2018), Sofia Boutella
Hotel Artemis (2018), Sofia Boutella

Written / directed by Drew Pearce, Hotel Artemis is a new crime / action movie set in a -near future riot-torn version of LA.

Starring Jodie Foster, Sofia Boutella, Dave Bautista, Jeff Goldblum and Sterling K. Brown, the story ofHotel Artemis follows a nurse (Foster) who runs a secret members-only emergency room for criminals…

There’s quite a lot going on in this trailer yet no major stand out moments that have me super excited, even though the plot is unique. I remain hopeful though – because of Foster, Goldblum and serious badass Boutella.

Charlie Day, Zachary Quinto, Jenny Slate and Fatimah Hassan also star.

Hotel Artemis Release Dates: July 20th, 2018 (UK);

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