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GEMINI MAN (2019): New trailer From Will Smith, MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD, Clive Owen, Benedict Wong…

Gemini Man (2019), Clive Owen, Will Smith, Paramount Pictures
Gemini Man (2019), Clive Owen, Will Smith, Paramount Pictures

Starring Will Smith, Clive Owen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong; Oscar winning director Ang Lee’s latest is an action / drama / sci-fi movie about an over-the-hill hitman who faces off against a younger clone version of himself.

I’m always intrigued by movies where one actor plays two characters who have to interact with one another. How convincingly will the execution of the creative challenge be? I definitely hope the answer is excellent.

As for the actual story line, I like the idea of facing off with a younger version of myself. Well, as long as it’s not a super-fit young me and a fifty plus year-old version of me. In fact, I think I’m more curious to find out how my opinions and attitudes willhave changed.

Douglas Hodge, Ralph Brown, Theodora Miranne, Linda Emond, Tim Connolly and David Shae also star.

Gemini Man Release Dates: October 4th, 2019 (US); October 11th, 2019 (UK)…

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SEE YOU YESTERDAY (2019): New trailer Time Travel Movie Starring Eden Duncan-Smith, Dante Crichlow, Astro…

See You Yesterday (2019), Eden Duncan-Smith, Dante Crichlow, Netflix
See You Yesterday (2019), Eden Duncan-Smith, Dante Crichlow, Netflix

Directed by Stefon Bristol, See You Yesterday is a new time travel movie about teenagers who build time machines to save the life of one of their siblings.

Key cast includes Eden Duncan-Smith, Dante Crichlow, Astro, Marsha Stephanie Blake…

I think I’m quite aware of the basic rules of time travel. As such I’m curious about exactly what else will change and how, in the event that the deceased sibling is actually saved.

Myra Lucretia Taylor, Brett G. Smith, Wavyy Jonez, Khail Bryant Damaris Lewis and Frank Harts also star.

See You Yesterday Release Dates

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LUCY IN THE SKY (2019): New Trailer From Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm, Dan Stevens, Zazie Beetz…

Lucy In The Sky (2019), Natalie Portman, Fox Searchlight Pictures

John Hamm, Natalie Portman, Zazie beetz and Dan Stevens are the stars of new sci-fi / drama Lucy In The Sky.

Directed by Noah Hawley, Lucy In The Sky is the story of Lucy, a female astronaut who begins to slowly unravel and lose touch with reality, following a life-changing space mission.

The cast is good and I’ll put aside my slight fatigue when it comes to space movies because I’m curious about Portman’s character’s emotional and psychological journey.

Nick Offerman, Tig Notaro, Ellen Burstyn, Colman Domingo, Christopher Darga, Jeremiah Birkett and Stella Edwards also star.

Lucy In The Sky Release Dates

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LIFE LIKE (2018): New Trailer Starring Addison Timlin, Steven Strait, James D’Arcy, Mark Famiglietti…

Life Like (2018), James D'Arcy, Lionsgate
Life Like (2018), James D’Arcy, Lionsgate

From writer / director Josh Janowicz; Addison Timlin, Steven Strait, Mark Famiglietti and James D’Arcy are the stars of Life Like, a new sci-fi / thriller about a young attractive couple who acquire a life-like robot for guilt free help.

They just didn’t quite foresee that as a result, their perception of humanity would soon be forever altered…

I’m looking forward to what Life Like has to say and how it will say it. Based on what we’ve seen here, one thing is very clear. It’s all good choosing to have a robot, but to have an attractive one? Confirmed recipe for disaster.

Of all the A.I. movies I’ve seen so far, my favourite is still Ex Machina (2015). Fingers crossed that this one is close to as thrilling.

Drew Van Acker, Lisann Valentin, Hilary Barraford, Ellen Michelle Monohan, Akaash Yadav, Nicholas Baroudi and Justine J. Hall also star.

Life Like Release Dates: May 14th, 2019 (US)…

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X-MEN – DARK PHOENIX (2019): New Trailer Starring Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender…

X-Men - Dark Phoenix (2018), Jessica Chastain, Sophie Turner, 20th Century Fox
X-Men – Dark Phoenix (2018), Jessica Chastain, Sophie Turner, 20th Century Fox

Director Simon Kinberg’s X-Men – Dark Phoenix has a good looking new trailer.

Starring Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and Sophie Turner, X-Men – Dark Phoenix is all about their team member Jean Grey’s new incredible corrupting powers and how the rest of the X-Men deal with it…

I’m in to enjoy the stunning visual effects and find out if Jean Grey will fully embrace her dark side. Before doing all that though, I’m a tad behind so I just need to watch all the movies after X-Men First Class (2011).

Evan Peters, Alexandra Shipp, Ato Essandoh, Tye Sheridan, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Summer Fontana also star.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Release Dates: June 7th, 2019 (UK & US)…

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VENOM (2018): The Thing I Liked…

Venom (2018), Tom Hardy
Venom (2018), Tom Hardy

Even though Marvel’s Venom is definitely not in my top five list of favourite superhero movies – or my top five list of Marvel movies for that matter, I still found a scene that I loved.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer; starring Tom Hardy, Jenny Slate, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed, I’m not sure that the worst thing about Venom is the performances. For me, the key issues exist in three areas, the story editing / script, the final version of the fully formed CGI embodiment of Venom and Venom’s actual speaking voice, All these elements left me less impressed than I’d hoped to be.

To give an example of my issue with the story, I know that Brock, who later becomes Venom is supposed to be an antihero but because of his highly inconsiderate behaviour during the Colton Drake interview early on in the movie, I think I had trouble fully being on his side after that. I mean, he’s still the protagonist and I didn’t want him to get hurt; yet I was reasonably annoyed for his girlfriend. As a result, it wasn’t actually until the desperate scene in the restaurant that I was most moved; both by how helpless Brock seemed in those moments and by Tom Hardy’s arresting performance.

Along with a less cartoonish looking CGI version of Venom and Riot, I really did expect a far slicker execution from Marvel Studios overall; one where the finished product hit all the right notes in terms of what makes a good film and had me feeling like: Yes! YES! I knew this would be good!instead of: ‘Yeah… it’s really not the best. What a shame.’

Watch it if you’re curious enough and if you’re a serious comic book fan, no doubt you’ll have a better time than I did.

For me, the title of ‘favourite superhero movie’ still belongs to The Avengers (2012).

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IO (2019): New Trailer From Anthony Mackie, Margaret Qualley, Danny Huston…

IO (2019), Margaret Qualley
IO (2019), Margaret Qualley

Directed by Jonathan Helpert; Anthony Mackie, Margaret Qualley and Danny Huston are the stars of IO. 

IO is a new sci-fi movie about one of the last survivors on a post-cataclysmic Earth. A place where a young scientist has dedicated to find a way for humans to adapt and survive, rather than abandon their planet. Unexpectedly, she begins to question her decision following the arrival of another survivor…

I’m intrigued by the premise and I like Mackie, especially ever since I saw his great work in The Hurt Locker (2008).

Then there’s the fact that the last time I put my trust in Netflix and sat down to watch one of their sci-fi movies, namely Extinction (2018), I found myself wanting. I wish my expectations were higher with this, nevertheless move move forward with hope.

IO Release Dates: January 18th, 2019 (US & UK)…

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BIRD BOX (2018): The Thing I Liked…

Bird Box (2018), Sandra Bullock
Bird Box (2018), Sandra Bullock

Knowing my history with Netflix movies and how I’ve found the vast majority to be quite disappointing, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after Bird Box. The good news is, I actually enjoyed director Susan Bier’s post apocalyptic sci-fi thriller more than I expected to. 

Intrigued by the story of a how a woman and two children were going to escape the mysterious force that compels all who see it to kill themselves right away, I couldn’t wait to see how the characters would survive, especially since they have to be blindfolded when outside.

As soon as the opening scene in Bird Box started to play, I had a good feeling because of how the scene immediately held my undivided attention. Leading up to the final thirty minutes of the movie there were other very engaging, ‘edge of your seat suspenseful’ moments. However, the best stretch of time and my favourite part of  Bird Box is without a doubt the last thirty minutes. It is the scenes when the key characters are truly most vulnerable and there are endless near disasters happening one after the other. 

Similar to 2017’s A Quiet Place, Bird Box will likely ave you thinking about parenthood and the gargantuan undertaking that it truly is. I enjoyed leading actor Sandra Bullocks performance, plus the moments in the story that moved, thrilled and surprised me, especially the last thirty minutes. 

As for the parts of Bird Box I wish weren’t quite so, those would include approximately thirty minutes into the film when, instead of being fully engaged, I found myself distracted by the fact that I hadn’t seen the ‘monster’ yet and I really wanted to. Secondly, I think there were too many characters ‘in the house;’ one or two of whom proved quite annoying and a number of whom resembled props who were just  there to play their relatively small parts just to move the story along and sometimes provide a fast thrilling moment. 

Thirdly, I understand the reason for the ‘flashback and back to present day’ editing choice. However, it had a little bit of a negative effect on the flow of the story and subsequently had me wondering how different it could all have been if everything had played out in regular order.

Overall I say give Bird Box a chance because it has some great moments and for me personally, it’s definitely an improvement on the last few Netflix movies I saw or tried to see.

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