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THE INCREDIBLES (2004): The Things I Liked…

The Incredibles (2004), Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible)
The Incredibles (2004), Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible)

The Incredibles (2004), a big hit Disney Pixar movie about a family of undercover superheroes forced into action to save the World is, as everyone else has said, a rather fun movie.

Written / directed by Brad Bird and starring Craig T. Nelson, Holly hunter plus Samuel L. Jackson – to name a few, I thought I’d actually watched The Incredibles already but it turns out I‘d just seen the trailer, a few clips shared by others and heard people talk enthusiastically about it.

Having now watched it at last – 14 years late and prompted by the long waited sequel Incredibles 2, I too can confirm I was delighted as well as entertained and moved in equal measure. I enjoyed all the characters, particularly the fun ridiculousness of Elastigirl’s capabilities. I also loved the two Incredibles sons. Though, if forced to choose a favourite son, it would for sure be Jack Jack, the super cute and underestimated one. In fact, I can’t wait to see what more he can delight us with in the new sequel.

As fun as The Incredibles is, Ratatouille (2007) still my favourite animated /Disney Pixar film, without a doubt.

I’m quite sure that you’ve probably seen the first and second film by this point but nevertheless… I say watch it because it really is good.

Happy Film Loving