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MS. PURPLE (2019): New Trailer From Justin Chon Starring Tiffany Chu, Jake Choi, Alma Martinez…

Ms. Purple (2019), Tiffany Chu, Oscilloscope
Ms. Purple (2019), Tiffany Chu, Oscilloscope

Directed and co-written by Justin Chon, Ms. Purple is a new drama about a woman who reconnects with her estranged brother during the final days of their father’s life.

Key cast includes Tiffany Chu, Jake Choi,  Mark Krenik Alma Martinez…

For those of us who still have our parents, such a predicament often feels too difficult to contemplate. I really just want o see how other people deal with this situation. Especially considering cultural differences.

Alfredo Tavares, Crystal Lee, Tania Verafield, Bridget Wilmes, Courtney Bandeko, Suzshi Lang, Heather Alexander, Octavio Pizano, Dayoung Lee and Virgo Phillips also star

Ms. Purple Release Dates: September 6th, 2019 (US)…

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