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MALCOLM & MARIE (2021): The Things I Liked…

Malcolm & Marie (2021), Zendaya, Netflix
Malcolm & Marie (2021), Zendaya, Netflix

There are some rather good things about Malcolm & Mariedirector Sam Levinson’s drama/romance starring Zendaya and John David Washington.

The first is the two lead performances, which, for me, represent some of the actors’ best work. The second is some truly great moments of dialogue that had me thinking, ‘If only I could express myself this clearly during disagreements.’ 

I’m glad to confirm that there’s humour to be enjoyed early in Levinson’s story about the night a director and his girlfriend decide to iron out the issues in their relationship. I was most amused with the scenes when Malcolm failed to notice that all was not well with Marie.

As tensions escalate, there are triggering scenes when you’ll find yourself appalled at Malcolm’s behaviour. Especially when his ego is shinning incredibly brightly and he’s unable to admit any dependence on Marie. Nevertheless, you soon realise that both parties are flawed and in desperate need of sorting through the issues stemming from their codependent relationship; one in which an imbalance of power is undeniable.

Along with the moments of great dialogue in Malcolm & Marie, some scenes had me incredibly frustrated. To the point where I had to pause the film and do something else. Even though the movie is one hour and forty-six minutes long, at approximately thirty-seven minutes into the couple’s argument, I’d had enough. And as much as I appreciated the self-analysis and honest dialogue they were having, it all began to feel unbearably self-indulgent.

Watching Malcolm & Marie soon had me feeling like someone who couldn’t leave their arguing friends because the three of us were in the middle of nowhere and they’re my ride home.

This one is a movie to watch if you’re particularly curious. For me, I wish the whole experience had been more tightly edited and far less frustrating.

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