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MANK (2020): New Trailer Starring Gary Oldman, Lily Collins, Amanda Seyfried, Tuppence Middleton…

Mank (2020), Gary Oldman, Netflix
Mank (2020), Gary Oldman, Netflix

Mank is the latest drama/biography from Gone Girl (2014) director David Fincher.

Starring Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins and Tuppence Middleton; Fincher’s film is the story of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz; particularly his tumultuous development of Orson Welles’ iconic masterpiece Citizen Kane (1941).

Anyone else reminded of Oldman’s great work as a drunk in Friends, season 7 episodes 23 and 24?

This should be interesting because the cast is great, the cinematography looks promising, even with the absence of colour. An absence I hope not to feel too greatly .

Lastly, perhaps I’ll finally get to watch Citizen Kane (1941), probably best to do that before this movie is released.

Tom Burke, Tom Pelphrey, Charles Dance, Leven Rambin, Arliss Howard, Joseph Cross, Elvy, Jamie McShane, Toby Leonard Moore, Sam Troughton and Adam Shapiro also star.

Mank Release Dates: December 4th, 2020 (US & UK)…

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