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ME TIME (2022): The Things I Liked…

Me Time (2022), Mark Wahlberg, Netflix
Me Time (2022), Mark Wahlberg, Netflix

Me Time, director John Hamburg’s latest comedy about a dad who reluctantly decides to spend his me-time reconnecting with a childhood friend, does have some memorable scenes. 

To put it another way, I wasn’t feeling great about Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg’s latest buddy comedy until the scene with Sonny (Hart) and the mountain Lion cub about 35 minutes into the screening. Said scene is fun and guaranteed to have your full attention while you find yourself happy to be simultaneously scared and amused. 

There are other amusing moments scattered in Me Time. I just can’t say that I was adequately engaged by most of what happened as the movie played. Turns out that the story and how it’s written/ executed didn’t quite prove to be new or exciting enough for me. 

Furthermore, I found it hard to see Wahlberg as his character. And I’m half convinced that the story might have been better suited to characters at least a decade younger. Perhaps that way, a few of their choices might have proven more believable.

I still feel that a Hart and Wahlberg movie is a good idea. Me Time just wasn’t the right film.

In addition to the mountain lion moment, other highlights include the dialogue of the characters played by Andrew Santino, Jimmy O. Yang, and Shira Gross’s Dorit.

Give Me Timea chance if you must. You may find that it holds your attention far better than it did mine. 

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