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FIRST MONDAY IN MAY (2016): New Trailer For Behind The Scenes Documentary On The Met Ball…

First Monday In May (2016), Anna Wintour
First Monday In May (2016), Anna Wintour

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For all lovers of art, especially art that comes in the shape of fashion, today’s trailer is for a documentary about 2015’s Met Ball.

Directed by Andrew Rossi, the film follows Vogue Magazine’s Editor-in Chief, Anna Wintour. She takes us along for an exclusive behind the scenes look at the planning and organisation of one of fashion’s most prestigious annual events. One that brings together the most celebrated figures in fashion, music, film and art…

I’ll be watching for all the art involved. That and the expected ups and downs that go with organising a gathering as big international as the Met Gala.

First Monday In May will open at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 13, 2016.

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Happy Film Loving 🙂