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ONE DAY (2011): Good Story & A Beautiful Musical Score

One Day (2011), Anne Hathaway, Jim Burgess
One Day (2011), Anne Hathaway, Jim Burgess

Starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, One Day is the story of Dexter and Em, a pair we first meet on the day they spend a night together on the last day of college. We then get to see them many times more on the very same day in the years that follow.

Directed by Lone Sherfig and based on the best selling novel by David Nicholls, I liked One Day because it’s a charming, well told and universal story. One of male/ female friendships, unrequited love and incredibly bad timing at its core. Anne Hathaway’s British accent is very impressive and you’ll definitely notice the film’s well chosen soundtrack and musical score.

Watch One Day because it’s good and the themes featured are really worth being exposed to. Patricia Clarkson, Rafe Spall,Tom Mison and David Ajala make up more of the talented cast. There’s also a well cast little girl we see later in the movie that looks suspiciously like a young Cara Delevigne.

Happy Film Loving 🙂