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PEOPLE PLACES THINGS (2015): For The Writing, Honesty & Skilled Comic Timing

People Places Things (2015), Jermaine Clement
People Places Things (2015), Jermaine Clement

People Places Things is the brainchild of writer / director, James C. Strouse. It’s also a film that does a good and entertaining job of navigating that complicated space between a significant break up and the next potential relationship.

Starring Jermaine Clement, Regina Hall, Stephanie Allynne and Jessica Williams; Strouse’s comedy possesses a kooky and pleasantly offbeat quality. A quality that can be partly attributed to the limbo state a few of the characters find themselves in, as well as the unapologetic directness and honesty in the way they communicate with each other.

The things that make People Places Things good remind me of my favourite sitcom of all time, Peep Show. Peeps Show is a British comedy series in which the audience hears the dialogue spoken by all the speaking characters, in addition to the internal dialogue of the show’s two stars – everything they think but never dare say.

Watch People Places Things for a cast that are amply gifted with good comic timing, the chance to see Regina Hall in a refreshingly different kind of role, to discover the talents of Jermaine Clement and because People Places Things is good and funny.

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