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POMS (2019): The Things I Liked…

Poms (2019), Diane Keaton, Jacki Weaver, Netflix
Poms (2019), Diane Keaton, Jacki Weaver, Netflix

This doesn’t seem to be the popular opinion but I actually had a good time watching Poms; a comedy / drama about a group of women in a retirement home who form a cheerleading squad. 

It really can’t be denied that the premise of Poms is quite preposterous in reality, but I didn’t exactly tune in expecting retirement home residents to ‘perform to win’ at a cheerleading competition. I watched Poms for the humour and mostly to see female friendships in action post retirement age. 

Not only did I get exactly what I went in for, I found it beautiful to see older ladies looking out for one another and still embracing life despite any and all challenges. I enjoyed the story, the way it was told. I may even go as far as to say that Poms may just be one of my favourite Diane Keaton movies. Yep. I said it.

It’s likely that some of you lovely regulars to my blog won’t be surprised by my enthusiasm for Poms. I mean, I am a fan of Netflix’s Grace & Frankie and one other comedy with a similar theme called Don’t Talk To Irene (2018). There’s also, of course, the one that started my appreciation of such productions. None other than The Golden Girls.

Give Poms a chance if you’re curious, and especially if you like at least one of the comparable movies / shows mentioned above. Pam Grier, Jacki Weaver and Rhea Perlman were also fun to watch.

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