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THE LIBERATOR (2020): New Trailer Starring Bradley James, Martin Sensmeier, Jose Miguel Vasquez…

The Liberator (2020), Netflix
The Liberator (2020), Netflix

The Liberator stars Bradley James, Martin Sensmeier and Jose Miguel Vasquez in a true story of a diverse and brave crew of ragtag soldiers. The kind who became some of the most heroic fighters of the European invasion in World War II.

I’m definitely giving this one a chance because of the beautiful animation style, promising dialogue and compelling story of brotherhood.

Mike Rowe, Ross Anderson, Billy Breed, Finney Cassidy, David Elliot, Sam Gittins, Kiowa Gordon, Bryan Hibbard, Pedro Leandro, Tatanka Means, Matt Mercurio and Billy Rayner also star.

The Liberator Release Dates: November 11th, 2020 (US), Netflix…

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