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THE LOST HUSBAND (2020): The Things I Liked…

The Lost Husband (2020), Leslie Bibb, Six Foot Pictures
The Lost Husband (2020), Leslie Bibb, Six Foot Pictures

Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb and Nora Dunn’s latest movie The Lost Husband is a film I enjoyed a little more than I expected to.

Directed by Vicky Wight, it’s a story that focuses on Libby (Bibb), a newly single mother who’s trying to put her life back together after her husband dies. And she starts by moving – along with her two children to her no-nonsense aunt’s goat farm in central Texas.

What stood from the very beginning for me as The Lost Husband played is the rather pleasant musical score. Then I noticed the films even pacing and the way it’s arguably not quite as clichéd as the Hallmark movies you may or may not have seen (*wink, wink). Particularly since this story is that little bit more complicated, among one or two other reasons.

Being in the mood mood for an ‘easy viewing’ movie experience with a little romance is the reason t I decided to watch The Lost Husband. The trailer also had me wanting to see Libby make it through the grief so she could start having fun again.

As Libby met the colourful town folk and started to learn more about farm life, largely from Duhamel’s farm manager character, James, it soon became clear that Libby was going to be all right. That’s around the time I started wishing that I too had an aunt who lived on a farm. That is until I remembered my irrational fear of earthworms, bugs and many other animals.

The only thing that I wish wasn’t quite so about The Lost Husband is its use of a specific cliché involving a group of jealous and unpleasant women during a scene in the town market. Some of the writing and acting in said scene stood out for the wrong reasons. Yet, I till say that if you’re intrigued enough, then give The Lost Husband a chance. Especially when it’s time for an ‘easy viewing’ film session.

There’s also the simple pleasure of Duhamel in a Cowboy hat. You know, in case watching Libby get her life back on track and the idea of a virtual farm-based escape doesn’t quite cut it.

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