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CRAZY ABOUT TIFFANY’S (2016): Not Quite The Tiffany & Co. Documentary I Expected, But There’s Something I Liked…

Crazy About Tiffany's (2016), Matthew Miele Directed Tiffany & Co. Documentary
Crazy About Tiffany’s (2016), Matthew Miele Directed Tiffany & Co. Documentary

I’ve seen the 1961 Audrey Hepburn movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s once and I have to say that I found it somewhat sleep inducing. Nevertheless, as someone ever-curious about the magic that makes brands hugely successful, the new ‘past to present’ documentary about Tiffany & Co. –  Crazy About Tiffany’s appealed.

Directed by Matthew Miele and featuring the likes of Katie Couric, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Tilly, I was excited for a behind the scenes look at the brand, some of the challenges it has faced and any of the perhaps, ‘colourful’ stories that led to the company’s continued iconic status.

Truth be told, I thoroughly enjoyed the initial introductory violin music. It’s just unfortunate that said music also happens to be my favourite moment of the entire film.

Crazy About Tiffany's (2016), Audrey Hepburn In Matthew Miele Directed Tiffany & Co. Documentary
Crazy About Tiffany’s (2016), Audrey Hepburn In Matthew Miele Directed Tiffany & Co. Documentary

The key issue I found with Crazy About Tiffany’s is that it feels more like an internal corporate video about the brand’s history/achievements than a balanced documentary. Where’s all the talk of ethics, blood diamonds, other issues or controversies pertinent to the industry and business? All I heard was plenty of self praise and very little thorough analysis.

There was a momentary glimmer of hope when one of the talking heads used the word ‘dated‘ and ‘old‘ to describe their feelings about the brand. Sadly though, that thread went absolutely nowhere. Crazy About Tiffany’s  is apparently fully authorised by Tiffany & Co. That therein explains the lack of balance. I’m still surprised that the brand approved the documentary considering the low quality animated graphics.

Overall, if you’re after a great, balanced documentary about Tiffany & Co., I’d have to say this isn’t it. But if you’re after something along the lines of an internal self-praising corporate video that may or may not be shown to new hires at the business, why not start here? 

For those like myself who are often too curious for their own good as well as those unlike myself who are jewellery/Tiffany obsessed, see Crazy About Tiffany’s on iTunes, Vimeo On Demand… Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Happy Film Loving 🙂