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MR. TOILET – THE WORLD’S #2 MAN (2019): The Things I Liked…

Mr. Toilet – The World’s #2 Man (2019), Jack Sim
Mr. Toilet – The World’s #2 Man (2019), Jack Sim

Mr. Toilet – The World’s #2 Man is an interesting look at the ups and downs of a man’s journey as he tries to live a life of service to others – in his own unique way. 

Directed by Lily Zepeda, Mr. Toilet, a.k.a. Jack Sim is an  entrepreneur and family man who sacrifices his comfortable life for an endless battle against the world’s largest man-made crisis, sanitation.

Aware of the fact that half the world doesn’t have access to a toilet, Sim travels the globe with a focus on finding a way to change that; one of the ways being motivating people to build their own toilets.

As unsavoury as the subject matter may be, I personally couldn’t wait to see how Sim expected to achieve his lofty goal. As one might expect, there was certainly challenge after challenge after challenge. And what that did was remind me of a motivating speech I’d heard just earlier on the same day. The gist being that ‘The people who make things happen are the one’s who fail but continue still, because the goal is simply too important’. 

Watch Mr. Toilet – The World’s #2 Man, for a picture of a human with the best intentions and good humour, who has found a purpose; one focused on bringing about needed change in the world, even if he has to rethink his approach more than once.

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