BIG HERO 6 (2014): Excellent Robot & Best Big Brother…

Big Hero 6 (2014), Hiro Hamada
Big Hero 6 (2014), Hiro Hamada

Big Hero 6 is a fun animated action and adventure film that features interesting characters, beautiful visuals and the most adorable cuddly robot, Baymax. Or as the marketing team behind the movie have said, ‘a plus-sized inflatable robot.’

The Walt Disney Animations release centres around 14 year-old robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada and the relationships / events in his life that lead to the point where he forms a superhero team to fight against a masked villain.

My favourite thing about the film is of course, Baymax; particularly his beauty both inside and out.

I’m certainly no prodigy of any kind, but  Big Hero 6 did have me thinking about how best to apply my own passion, skills and talents.

Big Hero 6 (2014), Baymax, Tadashi Hamada
Big Hero 6 (2014), Baymax, Tadashi Hamada

Hiro’s general cleverness and the way that aspect of his character is revealed to the audience more than once is a definite highlight. Also, I may have actually fallen a little bit in love with Tadashi, the big brother character. How could one not, really? He’s probably the best big brother any 14 year-old boy could wish for.

Watch it for a really good Oscar winning animated adventure. Then join myself and all the other fans in looking forward to the sequel because you know it’s inevitable and you want it.

Until the next one…

Happy Film Loving


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