PARASITE (2019): The Things I Loved…

Parasite (2019), Sun-kyun Lee, Yeo-jeong Jo, Neon
Parasite (2019), Sun-kyun Lee, Yeo-jeong Jo, Neon

Having finally gotten over my aversion to the word that is the title of 2020’s four-time Oscar-winning movie, Parasite, I can say that it really is as good and as cleverly made as people have been saying. 

With a running time of more than two hours, director Bong Joon Ho and his great cast kept my attention fully focused throughout. In fact, there’s even what felt as long as at least twenty minutes when I just sat there with my mouth and eyes wide open. All because what was happening on screen was so arresting, truly unexpected and impressive. 

Ho’s film is a well-told story about the relationship and near-complete destruction of two families at opposite ends of the wealth spectrum in South Korea. One side trying everything they can to survive while the other is dangerously oblivious to the struggles and true feelings of the far less fortunate among them.

Parasite (2019), Kang-ho Song, Neon
Parasite (2019), Kang-ho Song, Neon

The time we get to spend with the struggling family at the beginning is highly engaging and often amusing. Yet it’s what happens when the two families meet that the true cleverness of Parasite really starts to reveal itself and you soon realise exactly why this movie’s title is perfectly fitting. 

I enjoyed Parasite so much that I already want to see it again just so I can discover what I may have missed. I say definitely, definitely make time for this one if you haven’t already. Parasite is a deserving winner of its four 2020 Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Original Screenplay.

And for any non-fast readers, the subtitles don’t change too quickly. The dialogue is good, often funny and I barely noticed that I had to read to understand what was going on. 

Watch it at once, I say!

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7 thoughts on “PARASITE (2019): The Things I Loved…”

  1. This movie was absolutely excellent! I’m glad you loved it too.

    Friendly edit, the movie won 4 Oscars — Picture, Director, Screenplay, and Best International Film. It really could have won Editing and Production Design, however those went to Ford v Ferrari (editing) and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for P.D. 😀

    1. You’re absolutely right about the number of wins – and thank you! It’s really my own fault for not look at my google search results properly. I typed ‘Parasite Oscar Wins’ and it gave me a list that included wins and nominations. 😌

      1. It gets really confusing between nominations and actual wins. And in my opinion it should have won all six of those. The set and production values were a big part of the experience and the editing as well was brilliantly handled. One of my favorite movies of recent years for sure.

      2. In a way, I guess my initial post before the edit must have been wishful thinking. I certainly haven’t been that impressed by a movie in a long time. I hope it won’t be too long before we get something else that truly great again. 🤞🤞

      3. Apparently Bong Joon Ho has signed on to direct an American version of Parasite in a series form. I’m not sure how I feel about that as often what happens is the adapted version or whatever loses the heart and soul of the original. But we’ll see. Apparently the leading guy in this movie, Song Kang-ho, has regularly worked alongside the director. I think the success of Parasite will at least launch him into a new stratosphere. He was my favorite character in this movie, other than maybe the actress who played the mother.

      4. My fingers toes and everything are crossed that the Parasite series is good. It’s hard to imagine any version being better than or even as good as the original. I guess if anyone can do it, it would be the director of the original, let’s hope.

        I like Mr. Kim too.Though my favourites were his wife, son and the ‘not all there’ rich wife, poor thing. 😁

        Thanks for the update. 👍

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