FINAL DESTINATION (2000): A Scary Movie I Watched & Loved

Final Destination (200), Devon Sawa
Final Destination (200), Devon Sawa

Starring Devon Sawa, Ali Larter and Kerr Smith, the story of Final Destination follows a class of teenage students who board an airplane to Paris. Just before take off, one of the students, Alex, experiences an unsettling vision. Alex’s vivid and terrifying vision marks the beginning of a series of mysterious happenings that he’ll need to figure out in order to keep himself and his friends alive.

Directed by James Wong, Final Destination is filled with several well executed moments, one of which is what occurs towards the end of the first twenty minutes. Another great moment is a very realistic and rather frightening bathroom scene.

Though scary, this isn’t the kind of scary movie that robs one of sleep. So if you’re like me, watch it to be scared and thrilled for an hour and a half. Then relax whilst knowing that a good nights rest is yours to enjoy. Needless to say, should you be  afraid of flying, maybe don’t watch the movie too close to upcoming plane travel.

If you’ve never seen the film and plan to, please remember to watch the original first – if not only the original. I know someone who never saw the first but watched Final Destination 2 (2003) and unsurprisingly wasn’t very thrilled.

I personally thought it a bad sign that the lead Actor of the first film was nowhere to be seen on the cast list for the second movie. It’s an even bigger bad sign because he wasn’t killed off in the first movie. So of course I skipped all the sequels that followed. All 4 of them.

Happy Final Destination (2000) 🙂


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