TOMORROWLAND (2015): There Is Something I Liked…

Tomorrowland (2015), Britt Robertson, George Clooney, Raffey Cassidy
Tomorrowland (2015), Britt Robertson, George Clooney, Raffey Cassidy

When I saw the trailer for Academy Award winning director, Brad Bird’s latest sci-fi, Tomorrowland, I wasn’t particularly wowed/ hugely interested. That’s probably because it looked like a kids sci-fi, which it kind of is. Still, I was a little curious, especially with George Clooney as one of the stars.

The future of humanity, optimism and time travel are key themes in Tomorrowland. Its main character is an optimistic teenage science enthusiast played by Britt Robertson. Unfortunately, for reasons I’m not quite certain of, I found myself not really able to connect with Robertson’s protagonist. Not to say that the character’s positive outlook and general optimism didn’t sit well with me, or that it isn’t correct. It’s likely that the general story just didn’t provide the necessary elements required or provide them in the right way (if at all) in order for a connection to happen. It could also be that I’m simply not the target market.

I do have a favourite thing about Tomorrowland and that is the meaning behind the story about ‘feeding the wolf’. Beyond that, Bird’s film just feels like a long winded and not particularly well structured way of saying one thing about the importance of optimism and creativity, especially as it pertains to the future of our planet and everything in it.

Watch Tomorrowland if you absolutely must. However, if you’re just not that curious, the following is a SPOILER / quote of  the feeding the wolf story that I mentioned:

‘There are two wolves and they’re always fighting. One is darkness and despair. The other is light and hope. Which wolf wins…? Whichever one you feed’

Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Keegan-Michael Key and Kathryn Hahn also star.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


12 thoughts on “TOMORROWLAND (2015): There Is Something I Liked…”

  1. Yeah, this is one of my favorite sayings. I was also quite disappointed with the movie, but, I did enjoy the message as you’ve said. I just wish they had executed it a little better. : (

    1. The director is the same guy who brought us Ratatouille (2007), which is probably my favourite animated movie. The way Tomorrowland has turned out really reminds us that movie making is hard. 🙂

  2. I am totally agree what you say about the message, but I believe that the movie deserves to be watched for other things as well: Very good VFX, great direction, good music, a unique and fun story, and superb performances of the two girls. Maybe, because the movie was promoted by Disney like a childish movie, people were expecting many roller coasters and a lot of robots, and didn’t understand the beautiful message that was delivered us (a Disney stigma). Tomorrowland is a funny and exciting movie, a journey through the heart and will of people, inside a magnificent odyssey, and with some really touching moments. Not because of you, because all of us have different preferences and that is something that anyone must respect, but seeing some of the reviews, I realized that some people are really haters, some others believe that it was just an ad for a Disney park, and some others are unable to imagine something new or doesn’t have the capacity to marvel with a this jewel. A film which retakes the Sci-Fi in the purest essence, and one the most underrated movies… and not only of 2015.

    And about the performance of Britt Robertson, she is really a superb and very underrated actress, maybe you don’t know her and this could be the reason why you don’t feel connected with her character, but you must see her in other roles (some of them quite impressive, like in “Ask Me Anything”), and perhaps you will enjoy a little more her performance in Tomorrowland, because is very clear that the little histrionism that she injects in Tomorrowland is something that maybe was very difficult for other actresses. In fact, I have learned more about the Stanislavski techniques just because of her, and she really seems to be a master in the essence of this technique… learned or natural.

    Maybe people who still have not seen the movie, will really enjoy it if they ignore the idea that is just for kids.

    1. Hello Miguel, 🙂 Thank you for your comments. I’ve given your points some necessary thought. Now, I have no doubt that Tomorrowland has it’s fans and I’m happy to meet one of them (you). For me personally, as many right things as there were, the few few things that did’t quite seem to work made the experience less great. Another sic-fi movie that suffered from a similar fate is Jupiter Ascending (2015) – Have you seen it?. It too features a thought provoking quote but overall, I was left disappointed.

      I promise I’m not a hater, I promise! 😀

      As for Britt Robertson, there’s something about her that always stops me from ‘suspending my disbelief’ completely. Perhaps it’s her acting style. I’ve seen her in The Longest Ride (2015) and most recently in the trailer for Mother’s Day (2016). I’m yet to see the latter movie so maybe I’ll feel differently afterwards. In the mean time, I’ll look into seeing Ask Me Anything (2014).

      1. I know that you are not a hater, that is very clear. I saw Jupiter Ascending, and I liked, the movie is good, and is another movie of the kind of Tomorrowland, which go back to Sci-Fi in a very classic style, a fun film and with an original idea too. I believe is another underrated movie, even when for my taste is not at the level of Tomorrowland (the message and the story). And I can understand your disappointment with Jupiter Ascending, sometimes they try to force the things. And by the way, talking about love stories embedded in a bigger story, reminded me a recent movie: “The Finest Hours”, a good movie with a bad reception. A lot of people compares this movie against Titanic, but is totally different, because Titanic was a love story framed in the shipwreck tragedy, and this one is a great human story with a love story well embedded (and based on true events).

        About Mother’s day, I am not really attracted to the movie, but you know, I like the acting skills of Robertson, and for me maybe she could be the only motivation to watch that film. I really didn’t know her before Tomorrowland, and after her interpretation in that movie, I looked for more of her movies, and what was my surprise to see her as a very underrated actress. Even on movies that people consider really silly like Triple Dog, there are some details that you must watch twice in order to appreciate her acting skills. You can see her as a very normal girl like in The Longest Ride, and then as a troublemaker teenager (Triple Dog), or a very disturbed girl (Ask Me Anything), and of course as tomboy girl (Tomorrowland), all of them in a very convincing way.

        But going back to our conversation (Jupiter Ascending and Tomorrowland), honestly, I feel that people right now are against new proposals, and those who dare to new ideas (originality) are losing the bet. People are more interested in bad superhero movies (don’t get me wrong, not all superhero movies are bad, but a lot of them… well you know). I wonder a lot of times that maybe I am the one which is wrong, because I think that “good movies” must have some kind of art, and not just visual effects like the last Star Wars movie, which for me was turned in a soap opera (the story is going down, and you must believe me if I tell you that I am one of the biggest fans of the saga, because the first movie leave me a huge impression when I was a child), or the last Mad Max movie. I am not agree with most of the critics, because I loved the Mad Max of 1979; for me, a cult classic without great VFX and even with some deficit in the performance of the villains, but much way better than the last Mad Max movie.

        I know that a lot of films are just to have a fun moment, but that is the difference between just a movie and a real piece of the 7th art. Again, anything is subjective about tastes, but sometimes you must see with objective eyes 😉

  3. I haven’t watched The Finest Hours yet and after seeing the trailer, Titanic didn’t come to mind. That feels like a very easy/ lazy comparison to make.

    Mother’s Day is one of those movies that I’ll probably watch when I really want to relax and not work too hard to keep up. In terms of films starring Jennifer Aniston, my favourites are We’re The Millers (2013) and Horrible Bosses (2011).

    Superhero movies have certainly taken over and that’s because they make lots of money. Since Hollywood is a business first, it’s unsurprising.
    My thoughts about the last Avengers movie:

    I haven’t watched Star Wars or Mad Max yet. I’m sure both are very entertaining; at least that’s what I’ve heard. Sometimes some movies just need to be entertaining and offer more in spectacle at the price of something more. I’m ok with that because like picking different genres of music for different moods. My mood changes when it comes to the type of movie I want to see at different times too.

    Subjective is indeed the key word when it comes to all art.

  4. Sure, I am not against about that, but, talking about art, you cannot deny that sometimes people drives you crazy. I mean, did you know that James Franco (the actor) sells blank canvases? Something called “invisible artwork”. I admire him because of the idea, and the purpose (a clever man), but with this, he is confirming how bad is society about art appreciation, and for almost everything (that is what I am talking about)… including movies 🙂

    I think the author of the article is not understanding what is behind this project… because I feel that is more like a prank to society (Franco must be laughing hard). But my point about the whole blog and conversation, is that most of the people are just following the leader (and that is a shame, because there is a lack of analysis and appreciation of hard work in almost every aspect).

    1. I’m not often driven crazy by people, except when they really completely miss the point about something. A most recent example would be when someone said, in reference to Chris Rock’s Oscars monologue:

      ….that the visual of one’s grandmother hanging is not appropriate for an event such as the Oscars. If that person had any clue about the context they might not have been so quick with those hasty words. Sometimes you just have to let people be, either that or jeopardise your blood pressure 🙂

      In the case of Franco’s invisible art, I absolutely don’t like the idea of vulnerable people being swindled – assuming that may be the right word to describe some of them. At the same time, the people that paid money may have been moved by the ‘art’ or they may be looking at it as an investment. If the answer is the latter two, I’m all for people engaging in their seemingly harmless passions.

      The whole thing may be a Franco prank, in which case I’m hoping all involved are laughing when they realise the spirit behind the whole thing. Perhaps I’m seeing it as the kind of prank where the ‘victims’ learn that they have been pranked and they get their money back…

  5. I like your style, because you seems a person who really loves movies like me, even when you are a little more benevolent with most of the movies 😉 Perhaps I am becoming more embittered with age hahaha

    And, maybe I like more your reviews because you seems a person who really thinks 🙂 For example the thing what you said about an investment in a Franco’s invisible artwork, is the only reason which I would buy one of those pieces 😉

    1. Benevolent is a good word, especially because as a much wiser person has said before, movie making is really hard. If it wasn’t there’d would be plenty more great movies than there are. I tend to bless any atrociously bad movies with my silence. It’s the ones I expect to be good but end up disappointing me that I speak about. I.e. Mordecai (2015)
      Still, even then, I remember that movie making is hard. 🙂

      You see, ‘I have always believed that thinking, actually thinking is good for the heart, mind and most importantly, humanity as a whole’. :D!!!

      Thanks for the compliments

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