THE NICE GUYS (2016): New Trailer From Russell Crowe & Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, The Nice Guys (2016)
Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, The Nice Guys (2016)

Something very interesting and starring Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling and Kim Basinger is coming for all you crime/mystery/thriller fans.

Directed by Shane Black and set in the 1970s, it looks like The Nice Guys are bringing great dialogue, fun antics, good music and some welcome twists and turns to keep us guessing…

All we need now is for the next trailer to please not spoil the entire film by revealing too much. The amount of story already shown in this version feels just right.

Matt Bomer, Keith David and Margaret Qualley also star.

Release Date (s): May 20th, 2016 (US), June 3rd, 2016 (UK)…

Happy Film Loving


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