NINA (2016): New Trailer From Zoe Saldana & David Oyelowo

Nina (2016), Zoe Saldana
Nina (2016), Zoe Saldana

Today’s trailer is one that I wish I could get more excited about, but there remains one specific thing that just won’t let me…

The thing I’m referring to is the quality of the prosthetics on Zoe Saldana’s face. I simply refuse to believe that Nina Simone’s cheeks were ever that motionless as she spoke.

There are of course, other issues fans of Simone’s music have expressed about this movie. For example, the idea that someone like Viola Davis might have been a better option – for reasons beyond resemblance and Davis’ notable talents and range. I can’t say I disagree with the idea of Viola in this role. The woman is gifted. For me personally, the entire movie is more likely to be a complete waste of time if it isn’t possible to suspend my disbelief because the prosthetics don’t look good.

I guess I’m going to have to find a good Nina Simone documentary. For now though, it’s time to remind myself of why she’s very important to so many and listen to her wonderful voice and music.

Nina Release Dates: April 22nd, 2016 (US)…

Happy Film Loving 🙂


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