ROOM (2015): For The Power Of Love & Imagination

Room (2015), Jacob Tremlay, Brie Larson
Room (2015), Jacob Tremlay, Brie Larson

Based on the novel by Emma Donoghue, the story of Room is one of the love between a mother and her child. Particularly, in this instance, all that such a love can come to mean, given the enclosed surroundings that the two are forced to call home.

The scenes that stick with me after watching Room are the ones that involve an incredible amount of tension and suspense and the very powerful / moving moments sans dialogue.

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson, the reasons I had to watch Room include the extraordinary story, the film’s trailer, and the promise of Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay’s  performances.

The mother / son dynamic is the key focus of Room and understandably so. However, I still found myself wanting to know more about Sean Bridger’s ‘Big Nick’ character and how it is that he came to be. Something tells me that the ‘Big Nick’ movie exists, it just may not be based on a book by Emma Donoghue.

Watch Room for the performances, camera work, general execution and all that the story  has to say about love and imagination.

Speaking of imagination, there’s one specific movie that popped into my mind as I watched Room and it’s Roberto Benigni’s Oscar Winning, Life Is Beautiful (1997), a movie I highly recommend.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


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