NOWHERE BOY (2009): For The Story, Music & Performances…

Nowhere Boy (2009), Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Nowhere Boy (2009), Aaron Taylor-Johnson

By the end of Nowhere Boy I found myself wondering why it is that we don’t see Aaron Taylor-Johnson in more movies. His performance as John Lennon is really quite impressive.

Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, Nowhere Boy tells the story of celebrated musician, activist and The Beatles co-founder John Lennon. We get to find out about the unconventional circumstances of his adolescent years, his relationship with key relatives and of course, the events that lead to the founding of The Beatles.

The movie appealed to me – not so much for the music of the mid 1950s era, even though that is a highlight. The big draw for me was my curiosity about the beginnings of Lennon and as a fan of great acting, I was drawn to the the key cast and their portrayals.

Nowhere Boy (2009), Ann-Marie Duff
Nowhere Boy (2009), Ann-Marie Duff

The performances by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kristen Scott Thomas, Ann-Marie Duff and David Threlfall (of TV show Shameless – the original UK version ) really stood out for me. I particularly loved the powerful, well paced and perfectly choreographed confrontation scene towards the end. That moment took me back to my High School and College drama class days when you know that you’re experiencing something that just really works.

Watch it for all the reasons above; 1950’s music, fashion, the story and performances you won’t be forgetting too soon.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


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