Finding Dory (2016), Dory (Ellen Degeneres)

FINDING DORY (2016): The Things I Liked…

Finding Dory (2016), Nemo (Centre)
Finding Dory (2016), Nemo (Centre)

Finding Dory is a movie you watch because you loved the characters in Finding Nemo and want to spend more time with them.You will indeed have a good time. Nevertheless, the original will almost certainly remain number one in your heart. Reason being, if you’ve seen Finding Nemo (2003) then little about Finding Dory is going to feel fresh and new.

One of the things about Finding Dory that does feel quite new comes in the shape of Frank the octopus, a smart and fun red / orange creature. I also particularly enjoyed the ‘where’s Frank’ game at the very end. Another highlight involves a truck and the sea. It’s a beautiful, moving scene and feels reminiscent of a memorable moment in Inception (2010).

Watch Finding Dory for the nostalgia and because it’s not a bad sequel as sequels go.

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