LE RIDE (2016): New Trailer for Philip Keoghan Documentary About Tour De France…

Le Ride (2016), Philip Keoghan Documentary
Le Ride (2016), Philip Keoghan Documentary

Le Ride is the new documentary from cycling enthusiast Philip Keoghan; a story about the first English speaking team to compete in the Tour De France back in 1928. Under-resourced, untested and hailing from New Zealand and Australia, the 4 men were determined to be part of a race that unbeknownst to them, only 41 0f the 168 riders would finish…

My enjoyment of cycling doesn’t really extend beyond it being a leisure activity. I want to see this because underdog stories are great and seeing other people achieve their seemingly impossible to reach goals is nothing if not pure motivation. That’s of course, not to say that the 4 Aussies and Kiwis actually make it to the end. I have no idea about that, but I sure look forward to finding out.

Le Ride Release Dates

Happy Film Loving


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