INDIGNATION (2016): For The Dialogue, Style & Performance By Logan Lerman…

Indignation (2016), Logan Lerman
Indignation (2016), Logan Lerman

I really liked Logan Lerman’s work in Stuck In Love (2012), so after seeing the very intriguing  Indignation trailer, my date with the James Schamus directed drama was guaranteed. 

Based on the novel by Philip Roth and set in 1951 as the Korean War was taking place, I couldn’t wait to find out why Lerman’s character Marcus was so peculiar and unable to relax. It turns out as is often the case, many of the answers can be found in childhood. Though the specific period in time had something to do with it, poor Marcus did also have at least one particularly peculiar parent.

My favourite thing about Indignation, besides Lerman’s performance is the dialogue, especially during the scene in Dean Caudwell’s office. Thank goodness I never personally had such an experience during my university years. The urge to silence Caudwell, physically and with great force was almost overwhelming for me.

Indignation is a movie I recommend for reasons including Lerman’s performance, the very special dialogue, good musical score plus the general look / style of the film. There’s also an interesting example of the impact a ‘not quite stable’ parent can have on their offspring.

It’s a great performance from all involved, including Sarah Gadon, Tracy Letts, Linda Emond and Noah Robbins.

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