BEFORE THE FLOOD (2016): A Worthy Addition To Leonardo DiCaprio’s Filmography

Before The Flood (2016), Leonardo DiCaprio
Before The Flood (2016), Leonardo DiCaprio

As I started to watch Before The FloodLeonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary, it took me a few seconds to adjust to the fact that the DiCaprio was talking to me and as himself; not as an character in one of his many well received Hollywood movies. The good news is that I did eventually get myself together in time to learn some surprising truths about global warming. For example, without dropping any spoilers, the unexpected way certain parts of the planet will be impacted as climate change continues and greater action isn’t taken to fight it.

Through conversations that DiCaprio has with several knowledgeable people in the field, Before The Flood shows us the damage we have done and continue to do to our planet. We get to see precisely where we’re headed as a result and are exposed to the harsh realities of why the people with the power have continued to ignore what is happening.

Thanks to the hardwork of many who understand climate change to be a real issue, everything is not all doom and gloom. For example, business magnate, investor, engineer, and inventor Elon Musk; NASA astronaut Dr. Piers Sellers; Professor of Economics at Harvard University, Gregory Mankiw and many more including ordinary people around the world are dedicated to the cause.

Not that I needed more reasons to appreciate DiCaprio’s work but it’s hard not to admire a person so passionate about a cause which impacts all of us. It’s particularly great to see that understanding his own position, he does what he can to affect positive change. Before The Flood is a worthy documentary and my favourite moment is DiCaprio’s entire conversation towards the end with Dr. Piers Sellers. When you see, you’ll understand.

In conclusion, I recommend, I recommend, I recommend.

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