EQUITY (2016): The Thing I Liked…?

Equity (2016), Anna Gunn
Equity (2016), Anna Gunn

Equity appealed to me because it’s the first female-led movie about Wall Street ever made. Eager to know precisely the kind of story the film would tell, I somehow anticipated that I’d learn about Amy Gunn’s character’s (Naomi Bishop) journey from when she started out through to her current powerful position of Wall Street executive. In reality, Equity offers very little about Bishop as a young woman and I realised oon enough that I was simply projecting the idea of the kind of female-led Wall Street movie I’d be most likely to enjoy most.

Also starring Alysia Reiner and James Purefoy; director Meera Menon’s film focuses on Bishop’s challenges in the present tense as an ambitious middle aged woman working on Wall Street. I can’t deny that I’m disappointed but I know that’s on me because the trailer didn’t promise the movie I most wanted to see.

My personal expectations and wants aside, even though I rooted for Naomi towards the end in her efforts to do well and get that promotion, I found that I didn’t quite connect with her. The not particularly engaging story, especially in the first half and the overall disappointing pace of the film did not help to keep me locked in. I’m not saying that I wanted the debauchery of The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) but Equity could have been more than it is.

Maybe someone is already working on the female-led Wall Street movie of my dreams; a well paced story with a protagonist I can root for with gusto, as they deliver lines that make me excited to hear every word they have to say. To the person with that idea I say, please hurry!

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