LAST CAB TO DARWIN (2015): The Thing I Liked…

Last Cab To Darwin (2015), Michael Caton
Last Cab To Darwin (2015), Michael Caton

Directed by Jeremy Sims, Last Cab To Darwin is the story of a terminally ill man called Rex; a man who’s determined to die on his own terms and away from a hospital. To this end, Rex sets off on a long drive to Darwin where he plans to be euthanised.

Starring Michael Caton (Rex), Mark Coles Smith, Ningali Lawford, Jacki Weaver and Emma Hamilton, Last Cab To Darwin is a movie I had to watch because of the interesting subject matter and because of my curiosity about the reactions of others when they found out about Rex’s plans. I also wanted to see if Rex would actually go through with it when the time came – especially since in cases of euthanasia, from what I understand, some people do change their minds at the very last moment.

Generally well acted, my favourite thing about Last Cab To Darwin is Rex’s relationships with the strangers he meets en route to his destination. Particularly the way each one impacts his life and he their’s. In this way, Sims’s film reminded me of how no one really gets anywhere without the kindness strangers.

By the end of the movie, did I learn anything new about euthanasia that I didn’t already know? Not really and that’s fine because what I truly wanted was a well told story of someone else’s experience – and  I got  plenty of that, along  with a healthy sprinkling of humour.

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