THE BLING RING (2013): The One Thing I Liked…

The Bling Ring (2016), Emma Watson
The Bling Ring (2016), Emma Watson

Oscar winning filmmaker Sofia Coppola is the reason I chose to watch The Bling Ring. It’s just unfortunate that the resultant experience is quite the disappointment.

In a story based on true events and about fame obsessed teenagers robbing the homes of celebrities in LA, I’m not quite sure precisely what I was expecting but I didn’t anticipate that the movie would have a student film feel and not n a good way.

I’m not certain if the film’s lacking pacing and not particularly engaging style was supposed to represent the teenager’s otherwise slow daily lives and detached attitudes, but it very quickly proved tedious. The only performance that didn’t feel completely underwhelming to me was Leslie Mann’s.

If I were tasked with naming one true winner as a result of The Bling Ring’s existence, I’d choose Kanye West. He’s certainly not in the movie  but his music is featured quite prominently and I’m assuming that means a healthy payday.

The Bling Ring; I say watch it if you must, I’m just not sure that you’ll find it particularly impressive.

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