SING (2016): The Thing I Liked…

Sing (2016), Singing & Dancing Pigs
Sing (2016), Singing & Dancing Pigs

Besides the fun clips in the trailer, I found Sing to be quite forgettable. The story is based on the numerous characters involved in a singing competition, which if successful will help the organiser save his failing theatre.

The reason I didn’t completely enjoy Sing, even though I was moved and amused in parts is because I just didn’t find the story and most of the characters that entertaining or interesting; something to do with how stereotypical most of them are, I’m sure. The fact that I’m also that person who doesn’t enjoy watching televised singing competitions surely has something to do with it. Additionally, there’s a part of me that didn’t buy into Matthew McConaughey’s voice and / or performance as the Koala.

Sing (2016), Matthew McConaughey
Sing (2016), Matthew McConaughey

The main highlight about Sing, for me  has nothing to do with the music. I loved the mommy piggy (Reese Witherspoon) and her ingenuity when no one else was available to take care of her piglets. I also adore her performance partner, another cute piggy; you know, the one in the red sequinned leotard and gold sequinned sweatsuit that you fell in love with in the trailers.

You’ll very likely have a better time watching sing if you enjoy singing competitions. If you’re not that person, I hope you like it anyway, should you decide to tune in.

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