The New ‘IT’ Movie Trailer & How I Feel About Horror Movies…

TheMovieMyLife & Horror Movies
TheMovieMyLife & Horror Movies

I blame the often underestimated amount of hard work that’s required to edit a video and at the very least ‘adequately’ for the reason why today’s blog post didn’t happen at the usual time. Bad planning on my part had nothing to do with it, I assure you. Really. Yes.

After finally hitting the ‘publish’ button and thinking, ‘I’m happy with that.’ I realised my error. In addition to my late post, I’d failed to include my ‘end card’. At this point in the day, ‘you live and you learn’ are all the words I have to comfort myself with. That and ‘what a beautiful red balloon. I want it…’

The above video covers how I feel about horror movies, clowns and the recently released trailer for Stephen King’s classic horror film, IT.

IT (2017)
IT (2017)

Happy Film Loving


4 thoughts on “The New ‘IT’ Movie Trailer & How I Feel About Horror Movies…”

  1. First of all I didn’t realize you were a YouTuber. I will subscribe immediately. And secondly, I feel the same way about horror movies. I’m such a baby and have a vivid imagination so I typically steer clear! If you do see “IT” I will just read your review. That will be enough excitement for me 🙂

    1. I am only still barely a YouTuber. The learning to edit part is a fun challenge and ‘challenge’ it certainly is.
      I’m going to try hard to be brave regarding ‘IT.’ You never know. That may change if I come across the second trailer and see something that’s properly scary! 🙂 I’ve been told that if I watch the 1990 version, I really will be scared of clowns.

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