TheMovieMyLife & Trailers
TheMovieMyLife & Trailers

One of the biggest irritants for film fans these days is the increase in the number of movie trailers that give away more of a story than is necessary. As a result, I know a handful of people who have opted out of watching trailers altogether.

I can’t even, not for a second entertain quitting trailers. And so adapt, I have. Not by embracing terrible trailers that ruin what could have been great movies mind you. But by choosing how many of the – I don’t know, 3 to 20 variations of a trailer that movie studios are committed to pushing these days. Put simply, I watch no more than two trailers max for one movie.

Can you even imagine not watching trailers anymore? Such a dark thought, right.

To bring you back to a happier thought, how about the Latest Kingsman Trailer?

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  1. You make a good point. I would love to see mysterious trailers where you really don’t know what to expect. Only that the movie exists. Spoiler trailers suck big time. Of course, going the route Paranormal 3 took and showing trailers full of scenes that weren’t even in the movie solves the spoiler issue, but creates anger in fans expecting to see certain scenes and left dry. The only trailers I watch are the ones shown in theater before a film. If I get seated in time… 😉 Thanks for the stimulating post.

    1. Mysterious trailers are the best, though they do need to be done well because in the past, I’ve seen some trailers that don’t give you nearly enough to even wonder about what the film is about. The Paranormal 3 method is kind of like a ‘bate and switch’ and none likes those. 🙂

    2. I love watching trailers at home and in theatres. You’d think that if I’d already watched a trailer (more than twice at least) at home that seeing it again in the theatre wouldn’t be a big deal. How very wrong you would be! 😄

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