7+ Great Websites For The Film Fanatic…

Websites For The Film Fanatic (2017), TheMovieMyLife
Websites For The Film Fanatic (2017), TheMovieMyLife

Below are the websites I frequent for the latest movie trailers, movie ratings and interviews with filmmakers I adore.

  1. I’ll start by stating the most obvious one, Internet Movie Database (IMDb). The place I go to first to find out all my movie, actor filmography and filmmaker information.
  2. Rotten Tomatoes is where I go when a movie’s info hasn’t been updated on IMDb just yet. Or to get another version of a movie’s synopsis.
  3. Apple Trailers often has some exclusives, which makes it great to check it if you haven’t come across enough good new trailers lately. Or as part of your trailer search routine.
  4. The Holywood Reporter (THR)‘s YouTube channel features plenty of Hollywood movie news, but I go to it for their Roundtable interviews with actors, directors, producers, etc. The roundtables are a special event around award season.
  5. Inside The Actor’s Studio is a great show that features in-depth interviews of great actors; interviews that reveal their origin stories and motivations. I love this show. Either watch the show on Bravo or find some great clips on YouTube.
  6. Variety’s Actors on Actors series on their YouTube channel is another good one where actors interview each other about recent roles.  
  7. There are also the many movie blogs I follow and numerous YouTube channels by movie studios, production companies and independent trailer channels.

What are some of your favourite online destinations for film-related information and interviews? Let me know in the comments below. 

Happy Film Loving


2 thoughts on “7+ Great Websites For The Film Fanatic…”

  1. Curnblog hosts the most intelligent discussions on the internet about films. Not usually the latest films, so if you’re just looking for news, not so much, but for in depth or alternate perspectives, interesting juxtapositions, etc – Curnblog. And sometimes my blog, too, but not so much 😉

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