NEWNESS (2017): New Trailer Starring Nicholas Hoult, Laia Costa…

Newness (2017), Laia Costa, Nicholas Hoult
Newness (2017), Laia Costa, Nicholas Hoult

Read my spoiler-free movie review of Newness (2017).

Starring Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa, Newness is the Drake Doremus directed drama / romance about two millennials navigating a relationship affected by the challenges that come with today’s social media-driven hookup culture…

As I watched this trailer, the last Doremus movie I saw and liked came to mind. Namely Like Crazy (2011) which stars Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones. I found myself thinking, didn’t he already explore this ‘young love’ theme in Like Crazy? As I watched some more, I did eventually notice the difference in that this time he’s exploring open relationships not long distance relationships. Therefore I’m slightly intrigued. I just don’t yet know if I’m curious enough to take the chance and watch. The amount revealed in this trailer certainly doesn’t help matters.

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10 thoughts on “NEWNESS (2017): New Trailer Starring Nicholas Hoult, Laia Costa…”

  1. Disgusting “modern” values being explored(?). I can’t stand any of this nonsense. I’m so old fashioned I still believe in arranged marriages. And people wonder why they’re so miserable…

    I suppose it all depends on how the film ends. Does it condemn this crap or does it support this idea of “open relationships”? Therein lies any value this film may (or likely does not) have.

    Sorry, rant over 😉

    1. 😂 ! No need to apologise. It’s good to get those feelings out sometimes. I have a little bit more of a ‘live and let live approach’. Some things just work for others, I guess. it looks like it doesn’t for these two characters and the ending will likely tell all. I’m curious about how much of this ‘modern’ phenomenon it’ll explore.

      Personally I completely object to the arranged marriage – for me. Though I’m happy for those who are for it and are happy with it or as a result of it. I think the closest I’d get to it is a blind date, maybe. 😊

      1. LOL never heard a blind date as a mild form of arranged marriage before. I’m not actually advocating proposed marriage, but it would be a better alternative than all this open relationship stuff. I guess some people like our characters here have to see it for themselves to realize why it is such a bad idea

      2. 😀 Exactly! And that’s why I’m happy with it. It’s the closest I’ll ever happily get to giving the control of picking a future life partner to someone else.

        It’s true. Sometimes some people really do have to explore some questionable paths for themselves to see. Often in predicaments like the ones these characters find themselves in, at least one person gets hurt and often badly.

        By the way, I like how this discussion is helping me paint a seemingly clearer picture of you and your ways! 😄😄😄

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