THE FINAL YEAR (2017): New Trailer For Documentary About Barack Obama’s Foreign Office Team During His Last Year In Office…

The Final Year (2017), Brack Obama, John Kerry
The Final Year (2017), Brack Obama, John Kerry

A unique insiders’ account of former President Barack Obama’s foreign policy team during their last year in office is what new Greg Barker directed documentary The Final Year offers.

With unprecedented access inside the White House and State Department, The Final Year promises a look at the inner workings of the Obama Administration as they prepare to leave power after eight years…

Just like the narrator, I too imagined that the white house, particularly the parts surrounding the oval office were much larger that what we get to see in this trailer. I suppose everything appears larger in House Of Cards because the set has to be bulit with greater dimensions to allow for ease of filming. Just a guess.

I’ll be watching for reasons including all that I didn’t already know and just to rewind time a little bit so I can reminisce about the smarts, empathy and charisma of America’s former president.

The Final Year Release Dates: Januaray 19th, 2018 (US)…

Happy Film Loving


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