ALMOST CHRISTMAS (2016): The Things I Liked…

Almost Christmas (2016), Mo'Nique, D.C. Young Fly
Almost Christmas (2016), Mo’Nique, D.C. Young Fly

At the heart of David E. Talbert’s Almost Christmas is a dysfunctional family who haven’t all fully dealt with the recent passing of their mother.

Starring Mo’Nique, Gabrielle Union, Kimberly Elise, Danny Glover and more, the dysfunction, laughter and mayhem begins when the family comes together for their first thanksgiving without their matriarch.

I wouldn’t call Almost Christmas a terrible movie but I don’t think it’s great either. As well as having some memorable scenes and lines, the film also has a few character story executions that I, as an avid moviegoer have seen far too many times before. Therefore, the complete lack of refreshing newness in these moments just makes them seem like a less than great filler to bulk up the movie, instead of all that they could have been.

The answer to the question of what the best thing about Almost Christmas is is simple; Mo’Nique. Her character is fun and arguably has the best lines. My favourite of her lines being the one that starts with ‘You, you dumb…!’ Talk about skilled delivery and excellent comic timing!

There’s also the great scene at the dinner table just before the above line when the penny starts to slowly drop leading up to everyone finally getting to meet ‘grandma Cheryl’.

Almost Christmas is a movie you watch if you’re curious enough. You will remember the great scenes but you may sense that it could have been better. I  like how the movie reminded me of something I wish everyone would remember always – and that’s the fact that not everybody’s ‘happily ever after’ looks the same – nor should it.

Happy Film Loving


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