BRIGHT (2017): The Things I Liked…

Bright (2017), Edgar Ramirez
Bright (2017), Edgar Ramirez

Directed by David Ayer (End Of Watch (2012) and starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace and Edgar Ramirez, Bright is a buddy/cop movie set in a world where humans live alongside fantasy creatures. It’s also a film that isn’t quite all I wished it to be.

The issues I have with Bright start with the story. Perhaps the fact of fantasy and sci-fi not being my go-to genres has something to do with it but I just didn’t fully buy into the world the story occupies. I’m not even sure that the truth of how Orcs, elves, fairies and humans came to co-exist in LA let alone planet Earth was properly explained.

Then there’s the fact that due to pacing and one or two other unfortunate factors, the movie did’t get particularly interesting for me until ‘the cop shooting’ that happens approximately forty minutes in. Even then, I still found myself thinking about how much more I enjoyed End Of Watch, especially the story and co-star chemistry.

I’m certainly not saying that I think Bright is all bad – because if it were, I’d have stopped watching long before the end – the way I recently did with A Bad Mom’s Christmas (2017). The things I did enjoy about Ayer’s movie start with the vibrant graffiti in the opening sequence, followed by the impressive Orc prosthetics. Then there’s Noomi Rapace’s villain character; particularly the way she fought and dressed. Last but in no way least, I rather liked how well Edgar Ramirez wore his elf/vampire look. It was very much a greater highlight than expected.

A thought that entered my mind soon after I hit ‘play,’ I bet Will Smith is super happy about not having to wear any Orc prosthetics or makeup. I know I would be‘. Who said that acting isn’t hard work?

Give Bright a chance if you’re curious enough. Or you can always watch /re-watch End Of Watch, if not some other far better buddy/cop movie.

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